22 May 2024

12 Best Voice Changer AI Tools (All Time)

Voice Changer AI

Voice changer AI programming is a sort of AI application that permits clients to alter their voice progressively or modify pre-recorded audio. These product arrangements give various impacts, like changing the pitch or speed of the voice, or changing the client’s voice to seem like some other person or thing, for example, a well known VIP, cartoon character, robot, or various sexes and ages.

These tools are broadly utilized in various businesses and applications, for example, video gaming (where players might wish to cover their personality or pretend various characters), mixed media creation, telecom, digital broadcasts, and numerous different regions where voice manipulation can upgrade the client experience or backing innovative approaches.

There are many voice changing programming available, each offering a remarkable arrangement of highlights and capacities.

1. Profit Audio:

There’s another ChatGPT AI model available today called “AudioGPT” that is explicitly equipped to utilizing AI to compose the words you need… yet in addition record them utilizing PC created voices that sound very much like genuine individuals!
You can utilize it to make whole audiobooks without any preparation, from one single watchword.
These are audiobooks that you can then distribute to our “Discernible Executioner” store and either sell, offer to construct your rundown, or adapt with ads and advertisements.
We handle conveyance, installment and backing, you gather the benefits!

  • New for August 2023: AudioGPT Tech records hours-long audiobooks with real human speech from 1 single keyword
  • Starting Pack Included: Get 10,000 pre-recorded audiobooks created by us with AI that you can sell from Day 1
  • Turn ANY written text into speech with human-quality & use for yourself or clients
  • Works in ANY Language: TRANSLATE any recording into over 75 different languages to tap into the foreign market using ChatGPT
  • Publish these AudioBooks to our traffic-fueled premium store that rivals Audible
  • We send you traffic AND handle payment processing, delivery & support

2. Voice Genie

Voice genie have turned into a fundamental piece of our daily resides, assisting us including setting suggestions to controlling our savvy homes. With the progression in computerized reasoning and normal language handling, voice genieare now more smart, responsive, and helpful than at any other time. In this article, we will examine the most recent patterns in voice aide innovation, the central members on the lookout, and how to capitalize on your voice partner in 2023.
Voice genieare now equipped for understanding normal language better, and that implies they can figure out the context of the discussion and answer in a more human-like way. This makes it simpler for clients to speak with their voice genie without utilizing explicit orders.

  • Create and sell high-quality audiobooks
  • Generate and sell voiceovers or text-to-speech services in ANY language (podcasts, audiobooks, etc)
  • Sell long video sales scripts in different languages
  • Create and sell successful social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on)
  • Generate and sell high-converting marketing materials like ad copies, sales scripts, product descriptions and so much more)
  • Create and sell TV commercials in ANY language

3. Synthesys

Synthesis is one of the most well known and strong Voice changer AI and generators, it empowers anybody to deliver an expert AI voiceover or AI video in a couple of snaps.

This stage is on the main edge of creating calculations for text to voiceover and recordings for business use. Envision having the option to improve your site explainer recordings or item tutorials in no time flat with the aid of a characteristic human voice. Synthesys Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) innovation change your content into lively and dynamic media introductions.

A heap of highlights is offered including:

  • Browse an enormous library of expert voices: 34 Female, 35 Male
  • Make and sell limitless voiceovers for any reason
  • Very similar voices dissimilar to contending stages
  • The decision of stressing explicit words to have the option to communicate a scope of feelings like satisfaction, fervor, misery, and so forth.
  • Add stops when the client needs to give the voiceovers a significantly more human feel.
  • See mode to get results rapidly and apply changes without losing time delivering.
  • Use for deals recordings, letters, movements, explainers, virtual entertainment, television advertisements, digital broadcasts, and that’s just the beginning.

Peruse our Synthesys Audit or visit Synthesys.

4. Kits

Kits depicts itself as the Voice Changer AI Toolkit to supercharge your voice. Make your own AI voices in a single tick, or change your voice utilizing a steadily developing library of business use and formally authorized craftsman voices.

Not at all like contending stages, this is the principal AI voice stage to work straightforwardly with specialists to authoritatively deliver their voice models based on their conditions. This is ideally suited for business applications.

Another choice is to use the library of conventional sovereignty free voices, to transform your voice into a boundless range of expressive vocal styles and grow your innovative result. The training tool makes AI simple, transfer your vocals and pay attention to the transformation of your Voice Changer AI.

  • Change your voice utilizing AI voices from either a library of authorized specialists or sovereignty free voices.
  • Make, train and offer your own AI voice without any preparation with a single tick RVC v2 model sharing
  • Transfer your current .pth records to RVC v1 or v2 models for great derivation and model sharing
  • Training a model is simple, just assemble audio clasps of the voice you need to repeat by Speechify

5. Altered

Altered Studio is a cutting edge audio editor that incorporates various Voice Changer AI innovations into a solitary easy to use application. It runs online as well as locally on Windows and Macintosh utilizing nearby registering assets.

The Voice Changer AI tools can assist you with your naming work process. Interpret, voice over, text-to-speech and Interpretations.

Altered Studio gives a special speech-to-speech, execution to-execution Speech Synthesis innovation that pushes the limits of what should be possible.

One choice of the remarkable innovation permits you to change your voice to a custom voice. You can likewise decipher, add voice-over with text-to-Speech and interpret audio records.

Main highlights include:

  • Make a particular voice. It very well may be the voice of a popular actor, an enrapturing voice-ability, a companion or a grandparent.
  • Use life-like Text-To-Speech to add Voice-Over to your substance in 70+ dialects.
  • From individual audio notes to long gatherings discussions, speedy and precise record is only a single tick away.
  • Google Drive incorporation, effectively work from anyplace and effectively share documents.
  • Voice Editor can record straightforwardly from the program through the mouthpiece or some other recording gadget.
  • Import and commodity your records in various arrangements, lossless and crude.
  • Spectrogram and range representation are a single tick away, for detailed recurrence investigation.
Voice Changer AI

6. Hitpaw Voice Changer

This simple to utilize AI tool is viewed as one of the most outstanding applications for Gamers, Decorations, YouTubers, and Gatherings. Gamers appreciate it since it empowers you to effortlessly seem like a most loved character in a computer game, business visionaries appreciate it since it can make them sound definitive.

Release your imagination, change voices with vast potential outcomes. Be a robot, evil presence, chipmunk, lady, man, ghostface, or anime actor, HitPaw Voice Changer offers a colossal number of voice-changing impacts to address your issues and give you more choices to carry on like the person you need.

  • Change your voice with different voice-changing impact progressively
  • Coordinate impeccably with every well known game and projects
  • Amazing voice modifier for gameplay, content creator, Vtuber, or live decoration
  • Eliminate commotion and reverberation while changing voices
  • Change voice easily with top caliber

7. Voice Over

Speechify can transform text in any organization into regular sounding speech. In view of the web, the stage can take PDFs, emails, docs, or articles and transform it into audio that can be paid attention to rather than read. The tool additionally empowers you to change the understanding pace, and it has over 200 regular sounding voices to choose from.

The product is keen and can distinguish in excess of 15 distinct dialects while handling text, and it can flawlessly change over checked printed text into obviously perceptible audio.

Here are a portion of the top highlights of Speechify:

  • Electronic with Chrome and Safari expansions
  • Over 200+ great voices to choose from
  • 20+ dialects and accents
  • Granular controls on the pitch, tone and speed
  • Business use rights
  • Custom soundtracks

8. Lovo.ai

Lovo.ai is an honor winning AI-based voice generator and text-to-speech stage that likewise be utilized as a voice changer. It is one of the most vigorous and simplest stage to utilize that produces voices that look like the genuine human voice.

Lovo.ai has given a large number of voices, overhauling a few businesses, including entertainment, banking, training, gaming, narrative, news, and so on, by consistently refining its voice synthesis models. Along these lines, Lovo.ai has collected a great deal of interest from regarded associations on a worldwide scale, making them stand apart as innovators in the voice synthesis sector.

LOVO has as of late sent off Genny, a cutting edge AI voice generator outfitted with text-to-speech and video altering capacities. It can deliver human-like voices with staggering quality and content creators can at the same time alter their video.

Genny gives you browse over 500 AI voices access 20+ feelings and 150+ dialects. Voices are proficient grade voices that sound human-like and practical. You can utilize the elocution editor, accentuation, speed and pitch control to consummate your speech and customize how you maintain that it should sound.


  • World’s biggest library of voices of over 500+ AI voices
  • Granular control for proficient makers utilizing elocution editor, accentuation, and pitch control.
  • Video altering capacities that permit you to alter recordings at the same time while creating voiceovers.
  • Asset information base of non-verbal contributions, audio effects, eminence free music, stock photos and recordings

With 150+ dialects available, content can be restricted with the snap of a button.

9. Listnr

One more top posting for voice changers, is Listnr, an AI text-to-speech voice generator tool that switches text-over completely to speech in different arrangements, like classification choice, stops, emphasize determination, from there, the sky is the limit. One of the most incredible elements of Listnr is that it empowers you to get your own customizable audio player install, which can be implanted into your blog as an audio form.

Listnr is customized to every individual audience’s daily practice and inclinations. It is likewise an extraordinary tool for making, making due, and distributing web recordings. Whether you are a business or independent podcaster, Listnr can assist you with adapting your substance through promoting. You can utilize the AI voice generator tool to disperse and change over audio with business broadcasting rights on the world’s greatest stages like Spotify, Apple, and Google Webcasts. With regards to podcasting, Listnr upholds in excess of 17 dialects, and the AI innovation can change over blog entries into a few distinct dialects and vernaculars.

Listnr additionally assists you with further developing discussion rates by empowering the choice to peruse tune in and watch-tune in for clients.

Here are a portion of the main highlights of Listnr:

  • Install customizable audio player
  • Customized to every audience
  • Further develops transformation rates
  • AI

10. Play.ht

A strong AI text-to-speech generator, Play.ht depends on AI to produce audio and voices from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. The tool is particularly valuable for changing over text into regular voices, and it permits you to download the voice-over as MP3 and WAV documents.

With Play.ht, you can pick a voice type and either import and type text, which the tool will immediately change over into a characteristic human voice. The audio can then be improved with SSML labels, speech styles, and articulations.

Play.ht is utilized by significant brands like Verizon and Comcast.

Here are a portion of the main highlights of Play.ht:

  • Convert blog entries to audio
  • Coordinate ongoing voice synthesis
  • Over 570 accents and voices
  • Practical voice-overs for webcasts, recordings, e-learning, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

11. Deepbrain AI

The Deepbrain AI tool offers the capacity to effectively make AI-created recordings utilizing essential text immediately rapidly and without any problem. Essentially set up your content and utilize the Text-to-Speech element to accept your first AI video in quite a while or less.

There are 3 speedy moves toward get everything rolling they are as following:

  • To begin with, make another undertaking. You can begin with your own PPT layout or pick one of the starter formats.
  • You can physically type in or reorder your content. Items in your transferred PPT will be placed in automatically.
  • When you select the proper language and AI model and complete the process of altering, you can send out the blended video.

This tool offers the accompanying advantages:

  • Simple track down a custom-made AI symbol that best accommodates your image.
  • The Natural tool is intended to be really simple to use for amateurs.
  • Offers critical time reserve funds in video arrangement, shooting, and altering.
  • Cost-saving in the whole video creation process.

12. Murf

One of the most well known and amazing Voice changer AI available is Murf, which empowers anybody to switch text over completely to speech, voice-overs, and transcription. It is particularly valuable for item engineers, podcasters, educators, and those in the business world.

Murf makes normal voices in an extremely short measure of time and with negligible exertion required. They can then be utilized in almost any sector. With a library comprising of over 110 voices in 15 distinct dialects, Murf has many purposes.

Here are a portion of the main elements of Murf:

  • Enormous library of voices and dialects
  • Expressive profound talking styles
  • Pitch and tweak voice tones
  • Audio and text input help

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