22 May 2024

How to Make Short Video: Step By Step Best Guideline in 2023

How to Making Short Video

A Beginner’s Guide How to Making Short Video

Making your own shorts is like baking a cake for the first time. It might seem tricky, but with the right steps, it’s a piece of cake! Start by picking a style you love – maybe something you’ve seen online or in a store. Next, it’s shopping time! Get some fabric, a sewing pattern, scissors, and thread. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro with the sewing machine yet. It’s all about practice. Sewing your first pair of shorts can be a fun weekend project. And hey, why not share your shorts-making journey on YouTube? Creating a “How to Make Shorts video could be a hit. You could even start your own YouTube Shorts channel, showing off your designs and sharing tips. It’s a great way to connect with others who love DIY fashion and maybe even earn some extra cash!

Choosing the Right Fabric

Choosing fabric for your shorts is like picking out the best ice cream flavor – there are so many options, and you want the one that’s just right for you! For summer shorts, go for something light and airy, like cotton or linen. If you want something more durable, denim is your best friend. The key is to pick a fabric that feels good to wear and is easy to sew, especially if you’re a beginner. Remember, the fabric sets the mood for your shorts, so choose something that reflects your style. And if you’re thinking about showing your fabric selection process on a YouTube Shorts channel, that’s a great idea! It could be a cool way to share your style and inspire others on how to make shorts.

Designing Your Shorts

Designing your shorts is where you let your creativity shine. Think about what kind of shorts you’d love to wear. Do you like them short and sassy or long and relaxed? Maybe add some unique touches like fancy pockets or colorful patches. Sketching your ideas can be super helpful. And don’t worry about making it perfect – it’s all about having fun and being creative. Once you’ve got your design down, you’re one step closer to making those dream shorts a reality. Plus, imagine sharing your design process on YouTube. You could create a series of “How to Create Shorts” videos, showing your designs and inspiring others to unleash their creativity too.

Tools of the Trade

Let’s talk about the tools you’ll need. It’s like gathering ingredients for a recipe. You’ll need a sewing machine, fabric scissors, pins, measuring tape, and thread. If you’re just starting, it’s okay to keep it basic. As you get more into shorts making, you can always add more tools to your kit. Think of each tool as a helper in bringing your shorts to life. And hey, why not make a “AI Tools of the Trade” video for your YouTube Shorts channel? Share what you use and how you use them. It’s a great way to help others who are figuring out how to make shorts and could be a fun addition to your channel!

Measuring for the Perfect Fit of Short Video

Measuring yourself for shorts is super important – it’s like measuring ingredients for that perfect cake. You’ll need a measuring tape to measure your waist, hips, and the length of the shorts. It’s all about getting that comfy, perfect fit. Don’t rush this part; accurate measurements mean your shorts will fit just right. And imagine sharing a “Measuring for the Perfect Fit” tutorial on your YouTube Shorts channel. It’s a great tip for your viewers, especially those new to making their own clothes. Plus, it’s a helpful way to engage with your audience and share your passion for DIY fashion.

How to Making Short Video

Cutting and Preparing the Fabric

Before you start cutting, spread your fabric out on a flat surface. It’s like getting your canvas ready for painting. You’ve got your pattern (it’s your guide to cutting the fabric just right), and now you need to pin it onto the fabric. This keeps it from slipping around. Take your fabric scissors and cut carefully along the edges of the pattern. It’s a bit like following a map. Once you’ve got all your pieces cut out, iron them if needed. This makes sure they’re nice and smooth for sewing. Now, you’re all set to start sewing! And guess what? Filming this part and putting it on a YouTube Shorts Video channel could be really helpful for others learning how to make shorts. It’s a great way to share your skills and maybe even get some followers who love DIY fashion.

Sewing Your Shorts Video

Now it’s sewing time! Thread your sewing machine and start with the easier parts, like the side seams. It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together. Follow the pattern’s instructions, and take your time. If you make a mistake, no worries – just use a seam ripper to undo it. Sewing is all about patience and practice. Once you’ve got the basic shape of your shorts sewn, try them on to see how they fit. Making adjustments is part of the process. And hey, filming your sewing journey for a YouTube Shorts channel could be super fun. Share tips, tricks, and maybe even some bloopers. It’s a cool way to engage with others who are also learning how to make shorts.

Customizing Your Shorts Video

Customizing is where you can really let your personality shine through. Think about adding pockets, lace trim, or maybe some funky patches. It’s like giving your shorts their own special signature. You can even play with different colors of thread for a unique look. Customizing your shorts is what makes them truly yours. And why not share your customization ideas on a YouTube Shorts channel? Show others how you transform a plain pair of shorts into something special. It’s a great way to inspire others and show off your creative side in the world of DIY fashion.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are like the cherry on top of a sundae. Hem the bottom of your shorts to get the length just right. Add buttons or a drawstring for a bit of flair. These little details make a big difference in how your shorts look and feel. Iron your shorts for a crisp, professional look. Now, stand back and admire your work – you’ve just made a pair of shorts! Sharing these final steps on a YouTube Shorts channel could be really helpful for others. It shows them how to add those professional touches to their DIY shorts.

Caring for Your Handmade Shorts Video

Taking care of your handmade shorts is super important. It’s like caring for a piece of art that you can wear. Wash them gently, preferably by hand or in a gentle machine cycle. Avoid harsh detergents, and if you’re worried about colors running, wash them separately. If you’ve added any special embellishments, make sure they’re secure before washing. Iron them on a low setting if needed. Proper care keeps your shorts looking great for longer. And here’s an idea – why not create a care guide for handmade clothes on your YouTube Shorts channel? It could be a series of quick tips on how to keep DIY clothes looking their best. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with your audience and share useful information.

Showcasing Your Creations on YouTube Shorts Video

Putting your handmade shorts on display is like sharing a piece of your heart. YouTube Shorts is a fantastic platform for this. You just need a smartphone to start filming. Show your audience the fabric you chose, the cutting process, and even those moments when things didn’t go as planned. It’s about being real and relatable. Share little tips and tricks you learned along the way. Don’t forget to engage with your viewers – ask them what they think, or if they have any DIY tricks of their own. You could even show them how to style your shorts for different occasions. Remember, it’s not just about how to make shorts; it’s about sharing your passion and connecting with a community that loves DIY fashion just like you do. Plus, you might even earn from YouTube Shorts if your videos catch on!

How to Make Shorts Video: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making shorts is like following a recipe – you need the right ingredients and a bit of patience. Start by choosing a fabric that you love and that’s comfy. Get all your tools ready – scissors, thread, a sewing machine, and a pattern. Cut the fabric according to the pattern, and then piece it together step by step on the sewing machine. Don’t rush; enjoy the process. If you make a mistake, no problem! Just unpick and try again. Once you’ve sewn them together, add your personal touch – maybe a cool button or a funky patch. The best part? You can share this entire process on your YouTube Shorts channel. It’s a great way to show your creativity and might inspire someone else to start their own project on how to make shorts.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Your Shorts Videos

When making YouTube Shorts videos, you might run into a few hiccups. Maybe the lighting isn’t great, or the audio is a bit off. Don’t sweat it. These are common issues everyone faces. Try filming in natural light for better quality, and speak clearly so your audience can understand you. If your video feels a bit shaky, try using a tripod or resting your phone against something stable. And remember, it’s okay to make mistakes. It makes you more relatable. Keep your videos short and sweet, focusing on one aspect of how to make shorts at a time. This way, your viewers stay engaged and can follow along easily.

Sustainability in DIY Fashion of Shorts Videos

In today’s world, being eco-friendly is super important, even in DIY fashion. When making your shorts, think about using sustainable materials like organic cotton or recycled fabrics. You can even upcycle old clothes into something new. This not only reduces waste but also gives your shorts a unique story. Share these sustainable practices on your YouTube Shorts channel. Teach your viewers how to make shorts in a way that’s kind to our planet. It’s a great way to spread awareness and show that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. Plus, your viewers will appreciate the tips on how to create eco-friendly garments.

Conclusion of Making Shorts Videos

Creating shorts and sharing the process on YouTube can be a fun and rewarding journey. You get to express your creativity, learn new skills, and connect with others who share your interest in DIY fashion. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn and share. And who knows? Your YouTube Shorts channel on how to make shorts could inspire others to start their own DIY projects. So keep sewing, filming, and sharing – your next pair of handmade shorts could be your best yet!


Q: What’s the easiest fabric to work with for beginners making shorts?

A: Easiest Fabric for Beginners: Cotton is a great start for beginners making shorts. It’s easy to handle, doesn’t slip much when you’re cutting or sewing, and is pretty forgiving if you make a mistake. Plus, it’s comfy to wear, which is a big bonus!

Q: Can I make shorts without a sewing machine?

A: Making Shorts without a Sewing Machine: Yes, you can! Hand sewing is definitely an option. It takes a bit more time and patience, but it’s totally doable. Just grab a needle, some thread, and you’re good to go. It’s also a great way to get a feel for the basics of sewing.

Q: How do I adjust the pattern for a better fit?

A: Adjusting the Pattern for a Better Fit: To adjust a pattern, you’ll need to measure yourself first. Once you’ve got your measurements, compare them to the pattern and see where you need to make changes. Maybe you need to take in the waist a bit or lengthen the shorts. Don’t be afraid to draw directly on the pattern or use tape to tweak it.

Q: What are some eco-friendly fabric options for DIY shorts?

A: Eco-Friendly Fabric Options: There are some cool eco-friendly fabrics out there! Organic cotton is a popular choice because it’s grown without harmful chemicals. Linen made from flax plants and Tencel, a fabric made from sustainably sourced wood, are also great options. They’re not just kind to the planet; they look and feel good too.

Q: How can I add a professional touch to my homemade shorts?

A: Adding a Professional Touch to Homemade Shorts: For that professional look, pay attention to the details. Use a consistent seam allowance, press your seams for a crisp finish, and add neat hems. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding a lining or pockets. These little touches can make a big difference.

Are there any tips for maintaining the quality of my DIY shorts?

Maintaining the Quality of DIY Shorts: To keep your DIY shorts looking their best, wash them gently. If you’ve added any special details like buttons or appliques, make sure they’re secure before washing. Iron them on a suitable setting for the fabric, and if you spot any loose threads or seams over time, a quick stitch-up will keep them in top shape.

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